LeithLate Virtual Tours

In summer 2020 we designed a virtual tour of murals and artist studios in collaboration with the arts organisation LeithLate. The LeithLate Virtual Tours shows audiences Leith neighbourhood street art through hi-res images and audio guides by the artists and narrator Cameron Foster. The studio tour features videos by artists introducing their studio spaces in the Leith area.

The tour commissioned videos and audio from mural artists Tim Chalk, Kirsty Whiten, Rabiya Choudhry, Richie Cumming and Fraser Gray and studio artists Louise Smurthwaite and Jessica Kirkpatrick from St. Margaret’s House, Khadea Kuchenmeister from Rhubaba, Megan Chapman and Mairi Brown from Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Juli Bolaños-Durman from Custom Lane, Jacqueline Bell and James Donald from Coburg House, Sharon Quigley and Bridgid Collins from Albion Business Centre, Helen Miles and Judy Clark from OOTB Abbeymount Studios.

This project uses Mapbox and GitHub and has generated open source code that could be replicated by other organisations interested in creating virtual tours of cultural space.

Currently Google has a monopoly on digital galleries worldwide – the open source LeithLate virtual tours offers an alternative to Google’s stranglehold in this area.


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LeithLate producers: Morvern Cunningham, Erin Thompson, and Tom Farrington

Web Producer: Morgan Currie

Web designer: Melisa Miranda

Web developers: Eddie Boyle, Gavin Inglis

Subtitling: Matchbox Cineclub