Mapping Cultural Dispersal 2021

The Culture & Communities Mapping Project worked in partnership with WHALE Arts, North Edinburgh Arts, granton:hub, The Ripple Project, Oxgangs Neighbourhood Centre, and Goodtrees to host cultural mapping workshops in April – June 2021. The workshops used paper maps and photo elicitation to ask residents about the places they value in their local community and ideas for future arts and culture events in their area, particularly in relation to Edinburgh’s festivals.

A part of the results of these events are now available in a report that you can download here. We have also produced six high-quality print maps, designed by Melisa Miranda Correa, highlighting valued spaces identified in the workshops.


11 May (Zoom)
2 June
13 June (Zoom)

17 May
27 May
30 May (Zoom)
4 June (Zoom)

North Edinburgh Arts
20 May
1 June

7 June

Oxgangs Community Centre
7 June

The Ripple
25 May