Your City Your Dreams

What are your dreams for your community? The Culture & Communities Mapping Project, in partnership with WHALE Arts, North Edinburgh Arts, granton:hub, The Ripple Project, Oxgangs Neighbourhood Centre, Goodtrees, Festivals Edinburgh, and the Festival Fringe Society, is holding workshops in May and June asking you about the places you value across the city and your neighbourhood, and ideas for future arts and culture events in your area.

You’ll be asked to take photographs of places that you normally visit or feel comfortable with – places you go to dream, to meet with family and friends, to get inspired, to go for a walk or de-stress. You’ll also work with paper maps to point out spaces you care about in your neighbourhood and across the city. You’ll use the maps to think about arts and culture events and opportunities that you would like to see in your neighbourhood.

These workshops are open to everyone.

To participate, please contact your local hub or write to


10 May 12 – 2pm (Zoom)

17 May 10:30-12:30am
27 May 1-3pm
30 May 10-12am (Zoom)
4 June 1-3pm (Zoom)

North Edinburgh Arts
20 May 2-4pm
1 June 12-2pm

7 June 1-3pm

Oxgangs Community Centre
7 June 1-3pm

The Ripple
25 May: 10-12am & 1-3pm